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During the last 11 years, Iran Metafo Exhibition was being held in Permanent Site of Tehran International Exhibitions, and 2014 was not an exception. Compared to the previous year, the more active role of foreign enterprises, most notably the European based companies, was one of the major highlights of this year which raised positive speculations amongst those involved in the Iranian metals industries and in particular steel business. 

On the other hand, the more pronounced presence of the domestic companies, both in quality and quantity, was very remarkable. As the last couple of years and in order to stay devoted to its principal duty of making and supplying steel rolling products, Saba Foulad Zagros showed an avid presence in Iran Metafo 2014

During the exhibition, the company provided the costumers with special services and offers, such as price reduction, which was welcomed by the guests who visited its booth located between that of the Iranian Steel Producers Association and Italian company of Danieli.  Also, by their presence in the company’s booth, many foreign companies discussed and sought ways of cooperation with the company through providing services as well as development plans. 

The constant presence of the company’s CEO, Mr. Hamidreza Taherizadeh, during the exhibition is also worth mentioning.  His Excellency who also holds the position of vice president of the Iranian Steel Producers Association played a major role in hosting the prominent figures of the Iranian steel industry and the Iranian minister of industry, Mr. Mohammadreza Nematzadeh, who was a visitor of the exhibition.

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