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Focused on The Future
"As one of the largest Steel Producers in the country, we value our environment and care about the future. This orientation toward the future impacts all we do — from the way we create steel reinforcement of the highest quality to the way we support our nation’s economic prosperity. First we build a strong community of workers by hiring people of character dedicated to their work and their communities. Then we create opportunities for our workers, their families and the young by supporting programs those open doors.
Our new facility is state-of-the-art. It includes a hot rolling mill, which will be used primarily to produce high-quality steel rebars. It will have an annual capacity of 1.0 million metric tons of end products when ramped to full production. It is a model for 21st century industry. It uses advanced technology processes and equipment to make high quality, competitively priced carbon steel products. So,once thought of as an industry from a different time, at Saba Steel Zagros, we're all about the future.”
— Hamid Reza Taherizadeh, Chairman, Saba Steel Zagros Rolling Mills