About Saba Fould Zagros

Saba Steel Company of Zagros, by building an industrial complex in two phases of steel section production and steel making, is a big step towards increasing domestic production in the industrial town  Sefid Dasht Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari will perform.

In the first phase, the rolling mill for steel sections with a capacity of 60 tons per hour (420 thousand tons per year) with the participation of domestic contractors and the foreign one is running that the rolling line equipment along with technical knowledge and detailed designs from CVS RM, SIMENSE companies has been prepared. The main strategy in the selection of machines and equipment is to achieve proper efficiency and quality, optimal consumption and environmental issues, which can be achieved by using modern technical knowledge, consultants and trained and experienced personnel. This line has a push-type preheat oven with 18 climbing racks, Thermox system, cooling bed and automatic packaging system. All products are subjected to tensile and bending tests in the quality control laboratory and a quality certificate is issued for them. face curl  It is being implemented from 5.5 to 20 mm in size.

In the third phase, a steel factory will be built to produce steel sheets, and so far the technical, financial and feasibility studies of the project have been successfully completed. It has been completed and also the relevant permits have been obtained and the necessary credit approvals have been prepared in this field using the facilities of the Industrial Development Plan at Sanat Va Madan Bank. We are currently in the stage of negotiating and concluding a contract for the purchase of machines and equipment for the melting and casting line.