Saba Fould Zagros

Raw Materials

The raw material of the rolling line, which is the steel billet and purchased from the reliable steel factories of the country, is inspected upon arrival at the factory by the quality control unit in accordance with the billet inspection instructions. This inspection includes the appearance condition, Having no metallurgical defects (such as cracks, bubbles, etc.), dimensional control, ingot certificate or passport control, and sampling for chemical analysis testing. One of the most reliable steel factories in the country, which produces ingots with sponge iron  They produce in the electric arc furnace, they buy it. Considering the use of sponge iron instead of scrap iron and also doing  Steelmaking in the electric arc furnace both the carbon ingot produced is under control and the amount of harmful elements in the steel is minimized, which ultimately increases the quality of the rebar produced.

The carbon ingot consumed by this factory  In order to maintain the weldability, ductility, bendability and also the toughness of the rebar, it is kept below 0.34%.