production process




Rebar production method

Rebar production is by hot rolling method. The raw materials of the rolling line, which is the steel ingot (Billet) and purchased from the steel factories, are arranged in the ingot or raw material warehouse after inspection by the quality control.

During the production, the ingots are transferred from the ingot warehouse to the charging table by a overhead crane and are guided into the preheated furnace by a pusher device. The ingots are gradually heated inside the preheated furnace so that their temperature near the exit door of the furnace reaches about 1150-1250 degrees Celsius. Then the ingots are moved out of the furnace by an ejector device or a gear pusher and are placed on the rolling table or the rolling racks. It can be done.

The preheating furnace of this company is automated with modern and advanced technology and has a capacity of 60 tons of 6-meter ingots per hour, so that by applying a uniform thermal regime, we have the least amount of oxidation and decarburization.

The rolling process includes 3 stages: roughing, intermediate rolling, and finishing. In this process, longitudinal rolling is done in rolling racks. That is, the length of the ingot increases with the reduction of the cross-sectional area until it finally achieves the shape of the rebar with the required diameter in the last rack or stand. water or Thermex to reach the required mechanical strength.

In the next step, the rebar is cut to 60 meters long with Sizing scissors and guided on the cooling bed. After cooling the product on the bed and completing its metallurgical processes (tempering process or returning to improve the flexibility and ductility of the rebar), the product is transferred to the guillotine cold shears machine by the rolling table and cut into 12 meters or less according to the customer's order. and is transferred to the product packaging area. In this part, the product is packed in 2-2.5 ton packages and after weighing and affixing the plate, they are transferred to the product warehouse.