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Self declaration of suppliers

Supplier self-declaration form

The purpose of preparing this questionnaire is to identify the qualifications and evaluate the suppliers in Zagros Saba Steel Complex Company. The questionnaire is general and it may be necessary to get additional information about the questions raised during the stages of holding tenders, inquiries and procurement.

All the documents provided by the company‌ are considered confidential and are kept as a trust with the Zagros Saba Steel Complex Company. align:justify">All eligible companies are invited to declare their readiness and register in the list of suppliers of Zagros Saba Steel Complex as follows:

1-     Completing the evaluation and self-declaration questionnaire

2-      Attaching a photo of the evaluation documents after completing the questionnaire

Applicants must complete all the information requested in the program and documents that show the validity of the said information. to attach The information provided without a valid document will not be processed.

So that at any time the untruth, distortion or fakeness of the documents provided by the suppliers is confirmed. immediately, the scoring done will be canceled and removed from the list of suppliers, and in addition to accepting legal penalties, the wrong suppliers will also accept the decision of the Zagros Saba Steel Complex Company and compensation for the damage.

 Obviously, the aforementioned declaration of readiness is only for the purpose of preliminary evaluation of the applicants and will not create any right for the applicants to participate in the inquiry/tender.

Qualified companies have been included in the short list of Zagros Saba Steel Complex Company for six months to be invited in limited tenders and inquiries. Thank you for announcing your desire to cooperate with Saba Fola Zagros Complex.

Download the  suppliers self-declaration questionnaire < /h3>


After completing the questionnaire, please send it to  email address sale.  Send it.


Dear suppliers can contact internal  130 for any questions.

Communication with the expert:  Ibrahim Taj al-Dini